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Organizational Meeting - Officers Elected

The meeting to elect Party officers and delegates to the State Central Committee and Congressional District Committees was held on Wednesday, February 18th, 2015 at the Hollywood Senior Center, 1820 NE 40th Ave. 

Precinct Committee Persons elected in May, 2014 were eligible to vote for officers; all PCPs were eligible to vote for delegates to the State Central Committee and the Congressional District Committees. Descriptions of the officer positions are here: Officer Duties.

Elected at the meeting:

Chair: Lorraine Van Hoe
1st Vice Chair: Tracee Larson
2nd Vice Chair: James Freed
Treasurer: Bing Wong
Communications Officer: Susan Hagmeier
Recording Secretary: Eric Swehla
Technology Officer: Michael Schryver

Candidate names below link to candidacy statements. Officer nominations were:

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January Volunteer of the Month: Muriel Wentzien

Hostess extraordinaire Muriel Wentzien was honored as our Volunteer of the Month on January 8th. 

MurielHospitality Chair Karen Gladyschild  explains why:

Muriel is the embodiment of Democratic values.  She is gracious, even-tempered, reliable, hard-working and always adds value to whatever she is involved in. Muriel tends to be quiet, so she can sneak up on you with her sense of humor. She will crack you up when you least expect it.

Muriel is a PCP and helps make our meetings welcoming and fun every month. She has delivered slate cards, donated to the Celsi raffle, volunteered at the Golf Tournament and attended numerous Democratic events.

In addition to her volunteer work for the Democratic Party, Muriel has been active with Habitat for Humanity. She has also worked with young children as a foster Grandma in schools and in child care settings. She is always looking for ways to improve her knowledge and skills, taking extra classes to become even better at helping the children she works with. She has also been proactive in advocating for more safety training in the settings where she works.

We are fortunate to have Muriel as a member, volunteer and friend.

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Dave Jackson: 1940 - 2015

We are saddened to hear that Dave Jackson passed away on January 16th. This summary of his and his wife Kathy's Democratic volunteer history was prepared when they shared the Volunteer Highlight for May of last year. Dave gave generously of his time, persistence and passion to many Democratic causes, but especially voting rights.

If you would like to relay condolences to Kathy and their family, send your message to and we will compile them and pass them along.

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Bylaws Amended December 18th

At the November meeting, members of the Administration Committee presented proposed changes to the bylaws, unanimously recommended by the Administration Committee. They were also recommended by a vote of the Executive Committee, and they were acted on at the December 18th meeting. 

Two groups of amendments were adopted, one having to do with election procedures for Party officers, and the other having to do with protecting the integrity of our data resources. A proposal to modify the qualifications for holding office as Chair or First Vice Chair was referred to the Rules Committee for further vetting. The marked up bylaws are attached, and here are the highlights:

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