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Video from Multnomah County Chair Candidates Debate

On Wednesday April 16th Multnomah County Democrats hosted a debate between Jim Francesconi and Deborah Kafoury, the leading candidates in the Multnomah County Chair primary election next month. Watch the video here:

Video courtesy of T.A. Barnhart
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Volunteer Highlight - April 2014

Dr. Thuy Tran is an active and committed Precinct Committee Person in House District 47. She is a Lieutenant Colonel in the Oregon Air National Guard and an Optometrist at Rose City Vision Care. She is also a Parkrose School Board member, and is founder and co-chair of the Asian American and Pacific Islander Caucus. She is conscientious, humble, and dedicated in serving a country and community she very much loves. She has hosted numerous house parties for candidates, always with an eye toward bringing her constituency in HD47 together to break bread and befriend one another. Thuy is always alert to raise awareness of precincts as important units of political organization, and of the importance of PCPs within them, especially to prospective precinct leaders. Sam Kahl, HD47 District Leader, says "Thuy is a good person to know. I know her to be kind and strong. Thuy gives a good face to the Multnomah County Democratic Party."

Multnomah County Democratic Party appreciates her service.

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Become a 2014 State Platform Convention Delegate

This is your opportunity to shape the direction of the Democratic Party of Oregon by formulating our platform and legislative priorities. Plus, there's nothing like some intense policy debates to get you fired up for this critical mid-term election season. Join Democratic citizens, candidates, and elected officials from all over the state for this weekend of discussions and decisions on the very issue positions that make us DEMOCRATS.

Delegates are appointed by County Parties (that's us!). There are plenty of delegate slots for Multnomah County Democrats. If you have been involved with the Party as a PCP, your experience and insight is especially in demand, but any Multnomah County Democrat interested in what we stand for is welcome.

The convention will be held in the Portland area, probably Washington County, Friday evening, May 30th to Sunday afternoon, June 1st. There will be a cost, but the exact amount has not been settled yet.

We will approve the first batch of delegates Thursday, April 10th at our Central Committee meeting (Mult Dems HQ, 3551 NE Sandy, 7pm). You need not be present to be appointed. Just fill out your application by clicking here:

Once you apply, we will stay in touch with you on an ongoing basis regarding your appointment and information about the Convention.

More information is on the DPO website:

Please contact if you have any questions.

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PCPs Eligible for Approval at the April 10 Central Committee Meeting


The following Multnomah County Democrats have applied and are eligible to be approved for appointment as Precinct Committee Persons at the April 10 Central Committee Meeting:

Precinct#3502 - Jeston Black
Precinct#3603 - Brian Harvey
Precinct#3803 - John Wykoff
Precinct#3807 - Jonathan David Friedman
Precinct#4102 - Tiffany Dollar
Precinct#4201 - Steve Bauers
Precinct#4206 - Patrick John Cook
Precinct#4403 - Nova A N Bakke
Precinct#4501 - Barbara Christensen
Precinct#4501 - Jonathan Prine
Precinct#4502 - Erik William Bryce Peterson
Precinct#4503 - Shaanti Abbruzzese
Precinct#4503 - Elizabeth Harman
Precinct#4503 - William W. Porter III
Precinct#4504 - Renee L. Dowlin
Precinct#4504 - Daniel M. James
Precinct#4507 - Andrew Purkey
Precinct#4605 - Anita Yap

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