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Official Positions on 2014 Ballot Measures

The Multnomah County Democratic Party has officially taken the following positions on particular measures that will be on the General Election Statewide Ballot on November 4, 2014:

We SUPPORT Measure 86 -- the Oregon Opportunity Initiative, which will provide a dedicated revenue stream for financial aid to Oregon higher education students.

We SUPPORT Measure 88 -- Drivers' Cards, which upholds Senate Bill 833, a safe roads bill that provides a drivers certification process for all Oregon residents.

We SUPPORT Measure 89 -- Equal Rights Amendment, which amends the State Constitution to ban discrimination based on gender.

We OPPOSE Measure 90 -- the Top Two Primary, which would change Oregon's elections system so that only the top two vote-getting candidates in the Primary Election would appear on General Election ballots, and eliminate the opportunity for voters to write in candidates on the General Election ballot. This would eliminate minor parties from General Election ballots and eventually remove legal status from most small parties.

We SUPPORT Measure 91 -- Legalization of Marijuana, also known as the Control, Regulation, and Taxation of Marijuana and Industrial Hemp Act of 2014.

We SUPPORT Measure 92 -- GMO Labeling, which requires suppliers, manufacturers, and retailers to label foods with genetically modified organisms with a GMO designation.

We SUPPORT Portland city measure 26-159 -- Bonds to fix playgrounds, trails; improve park facilities, safety, accessibility, also known as the Parks Bond.

More information is here.

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2014 Ballot Measure Endorsements

The 2014 Endorsement Task Force examined ballot measures expected on the November ballot, and presented its recommendations at the August 14th Central Committee meeting. ETF members presented each measure, arguments for and against, and the Task Force's recommendation. Representatives from the campaigns, for and against, were invited unless we could find no organized campaign, and some also presented arguments to the group. The attached spreadsheet summarizes what the Task Force considered and its recommendations. A 2/3 majority vote of the PCPs present and voting is required for the Party to take a position on a ballot measure. Those positions supported by 2/3 of the members present will appear on our slate cards, to be distributed when the ballots are mailed. 

Recommendations were made by the ETF for Measures 86, 87, 88, 89, 90, 91 and 92. The ETF will consider the Portland Parks measure at a later date because it has not yet been filed as a local measure with Multnomah County; that deadline is September 4th.

When arguments were made and debated and votes taken on August 14th, the Central Committee agreed with the Task Force recommendations on six of the seven measures, by well over the 2/3 majority required. That means that our campaign materials and slate cards will note our support of Ballot Measures 86, 88, 89, 91 and 92, and our opposition to Ballot Measure 90. The Multnomah County Democratic Party will take no position on Ballot Measure 87. You can see an excellent summary of the task force's findings here or you can download them below.

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September Central Committee Meeting

September 11th, 7:00 PM

Multnomah Democrats' Headquarters
3551 NE Sandy Blvd., Portland

We had a successful (and fun!) Celsi Awards Dinner last Saturday, and we'll get a report of the results at the meeting this Thursday. Thank you to everyone involved, especially Leslie Davis, Celsi Chair.

Click here to see the pictures!

This month's meeting will focus on preparations for and execution of the campaign for this November's election. This includes trainings for District leadership and PCPs, office support, priority campaigns, ballot measures, slate card plan, getting out the vote, and more. Doors open at 6:00; come early to socialize.

Click here to read minutes of our August 14, 2014 meeting.

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New 2nd Vice Chair

Stephanie Nystrom, candidate for House District 52, had to resign her position as our 2nd Vice Chair to concentrate on her campaign. We held an election on August 14th to fill the unexpired term, and Jim Freed, who had been appointed by the Executive Committee to serve until an election could be held, was elected. Here is Jim's candidate statement.


 Jim Freed 


My background in working as a team has been demonstrated both in my past career and in my personal life. Since moving to Oregon I have been active in the state and local Party, attending meetings, Platform Conventions, and many committee meetings. I am a State CC delegate and a delegate to the CD 5 committee, and was elected as a Delegate to the Democratic National Convention. I am known to national and many local elected officials, and I know numerous county chairs and Democratic activists throughout the state. 

My husband supports my political activities and is active in labor issues. We moved here because we wanted to be in a progressive state where there aren’t just gay neighborhoods, but LGBT members are integral members of ALL communities. With gay marriage being a controversial, and negative, issue in Utah, we were drawn here. 

I organized June Portland Pride booths in previous years with Veterans, and this year I coordinated the Multnomah Dems effort. Our booth was a great success, gathering over 400 informational sign ups and making it fun for those involved. I was also able to organize a Democratic booth at Bend Pride last weekend and help out our friends in Deschutes County.

I have volunteered for Veteran Outreach and worked with Sen Wyden’s office on veterans’ issues. I have donated time, money and energy to Sen. Merkley, Rep. Bonamici, and Rep. Schrader, and thrown a House Party for Kate Brown at our home.

I am the Treasurer for Veterans for Human Rights, recruited for that position by DPO Chair Frank Dixon because of my financial background in Federal Service. I also work hard for equality for all communities. I network with other members and other caucuses and promote both the party and its functions, trying to recruit Democrats to join with us in getting the vote out. I help manage the DPO Stonewall LGBT Facebook page and we are well received and liked.

This is an important position to maintain the high quality and legal commitment that is required by the by-laws and the State. I am detail-oriented and will maintain the office as passed down to me. I welcome the opportunity to promote the Multnomah Democrats and be involved in making this the best organization in the state.

I look forward to this election season and getting Democrats elected and re-elected. I will do my best to work hard for the Multnomah County Democrats.

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