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Grand Opening of North/Northeast Voter Registration Depot!

New Office at 1615 NE Killingsworth!


The new combination Multnomah Democrats’ Voter Registration Depot and Campaign Office for Rep. Lew Frederick opened last week, and the Grand Opening on Sunday, September 9th was a celebration of community and of the work ahead of us for the next eight weeks. Building it together, working together, in it together, COMMUNITY was in the air at the event.

Many thanks to Colleen Davis and Roseta Akin, who coordinated transforming the space and who are continuing to make it happen. Many others contributed time, work, paint, furniture and supplies.

Come on by to get information and materials to register voters or to pick up campaign signs, buttons, stickers and other materials. Come on by to help with office hours: from 10:00 AM to 8:00 PM Monday – Saturday and 1:00 PM to 8:00 PM on Sunday. Come on by just to check it out.

This will be our voter registration hub until the October 16th deadline, and we’ll continue to help people update their registration after that. Then, between the middle of October and election day, it will be our hub for facilitating vote completion, including delivering slate cards, gathering ballots and reminding voters to pull that ballot out of their stack of bills and get it done.

And it will be House District 43 Campaign Headquarters, with office space for Rep. Lew Frederick.

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 VoterRegDepot Grand Opening

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More Than Just "Boys Will Be Boys"

Commentary from our Chair, Carla (KC) Hanson on BlueOregon


More Than Just Boys-Will-Be-Boys


The recent revelation of the Oregon GOP Leadership jaunt to a Palm Springs Strip Club has produced giggles among many Democrats, but generally, the "boys night out" will have few repercussions on the GOP as a whole. To be sure, each of these GOP House Leaders (Hanna, Cameron, Freeman), vets (Gilliam, Wingard) and their rookie House coherts (Wand and Sheehan) will have to dance mightly to justify their not-so-family-values-like excursion. But sadly, the electorate doesn't look at a situation like this in terms of what it reveals more broadly about the Grand Old Party.

There might as well be a “no gurlz allowed” sign over the House GOP leadership office. There are no women in leadership in the House Republican Caucus. Among the 30 GOP House members, a scant 5 are women. One woman did try to crack the ranks of House Republican leadership the same day Cameron resigned, but she was spurned by her colleagues, and another man was elected instead. When a woman sought the seat vacated by disgraced Rep. Matt Wingard, Republicans united to block her from gaining appointment. Even at the grassroots level, when Chair Rachel Lucas of the Washington County GOP became aware of Wingard's transgressions from the victim directly, she immediately informed Leader Cameron. Her reward for making the honorable, proper and very tough call? Some local WashCo GOP members are circulating a recall petition targetting her.

So let me get this right, no girls allowed, and if they do sneak in, well, it must be THEIR fault for not understanding, and quietly accepting that boys-will-be-boys.

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PCP Appointments for August 9th Meeting

The following Democrats have applied to be appointed PCPs at the August 9th Central Committee Meeting:

Ellen Flenniken, Pct. 4302

Kellie Johnson, Pct. 4608

Gregg Lande, Pct. 3601

Matthew Mattera, Pct. 4503

Travis Miller, Pct 4207

Craig Mosbaek, Pct. 4205

Tina Semko, Pct. 4709

David M. Smith, Pct. 3606

Roland Chlapowski, Pct. 4505

Mary Rita Hurley, Pct. 4302

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