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Representative Alissa Keny-Guyer on her vote against the Nike bill

Why I voted NO on HB 4200, the Economic Investment Impact Act of 2012

"This was a hard vote. I am deeply appreciative of the public, who on short notice communicated their thoughts by email, phone, and personal testimony. I thank my many legislative colleagues--including those on the Special Committee on Economic Development--who worked into the wee hours to incorporate feedback and improve the bill. I will list the positive aspects of HB 4200 before explaining why I ultimately voted against it.

I respect the Governor's efforts over many decades to promote innovative solutions to Oregon's challenges. I am in favor of developing economic tools--including giving companies willing to expand in Oregon predictability about their tax structure--to promote job growth. We need to act expeditiously as well as prudently to balance the short-term needs of recovering from a recession, as well as our long-term needs. We need family wage jobs to fund education, public services, and infrastructure.

I appreciate Nike's unique history in Oregon, and I welcome its planned expansion of at least 500 new jobs and $150 million in capital investment. Our State benefits from the high quality jobs Nike offers in Oregon, the taxes it directly and indirectly generates, its environmental and diversity initiatives, and its corporate, foundation and employee donations to the community. I support working constructively with Nike and other companies to help them grow and invest in our State.

Some of the HB 4200 amendments that my colleagues and I advocated for did increase corporate accountability, reporting requirements, and transparency. I strongly support the change in the bill's sunset from ten years to one year, allowing the Legislature more thoughtful debate during the 2013 Regular Session.

However the following concerns compelled me to vote No:

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From Chair Carla (KC) Hanson on the December 2012 Special Session of the Oregon Legislature

On Friday, 12/14/12, members of the Oregon Legislature were rushed into an Emergency Session called by Gov. Kitzhaber in an rare process to specifically consider an act regarding the basis of Nike's Oregon corporate taxeds and future jobs. Thursday evening, the night before,the Multnomah County Democrats held our regular monthly meeting. While the Special Session process was too quick for us to duly review the bill and its amendments and then pass a resolution reflecting our feelings, we had a vibrant and thoughtful discussion about this bill. Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer, Rep. Lew Frederick's LA, Sue Hagmeier, and Sen. Jackie Dingfelder's LA, Andie Short were on hand to both catch us up on the bill and the process, and to listen to our concerns. At the end of the discussion, Multnomah PCPs unanimously expressed support for a No vote in a straw poll question on the Bill.

In the end, amendments to the bill partly addressed some of the concerns widely expressed by our party PCPs, by the public and by a number of legislators. While the bill passed both chambers, not all Multnomah area legislators found that it had been improved enough for them to justify an AYE vote. We commend these Multnomah Legislators - Rep. Jefferson Smith, Rep. Lew Frederick, Rep. Carolyn Tomei, Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer and Senator Chip Shields  for their thoughtful and courageous votes in opposition to the bill.

For a robust sampling of opinion regarding the Special Session and the bill itself, please go to

Included below is Chair KC Hanson's written testimony as submitted to the Committee. (This was submitted as a constituent since the Party had no time to formalize a response.)

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PCP Appointments for the December 13th Meeting

The following Democrats have applied and are eligible to be appointed Precinct Committee Persons at the December 13th Central Committee Meeting:

Precinct #3502 Jeston Black
Precinct #3606 David M. Smith
Precinct #3802 Charles Ainsworth
Precinct #3803 Todd Farris
Precinct #4101 Julane Grant
Precinct #4207 Travis Miller
Precinct #4302 Ellen Flenniken
Precinct #4304 Clareese Shelby
Precinct #4307 Lindsey Capps
Precinct #4311 De Nice Paschal
Precinct #4501 Deborah Harris
Precinct #4501 Karol Otto
Precinct #4503 Matthew Mattera
Precinct #4510 Betty Jones
Precinct #4708 Paul McCoy
Precinct #4709 Tina Semko
Precinct #5003 Betty Jo Austin

-Teddy Keizer, Vice-chair

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Common Good PAC Fundraiser

Start Date: 
December 8, 2012 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday, December 8, 4:00 PM

Milagro Theater, 525 SE Stark, Portland, Corner of SE 6th & Stark

 Why? To build on the good work to engage all of our Oregon neighbors
and invite them to join the Democratic Party.

With the support of individual donors as well as local county parties (and Multnomah Democrats were among the first!), Common Good PAC was able to produce 2 radio spots and place ads on 3 different Hispanic radio stations, KRYP-El Rey, KWIP - LA Compeona, and KSND - Recuerdo. The spots ran from October 22 through November 4th and reached half to three quarters of the State of Oregon.

Now they're finishing the job and getting in position to grow by raising a little money and having a little fun. Please join them on Saturday.


You can hear the radio spots at  Common Good PAC.


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