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PCP Appointments for the December 13th Meeting

The following Democrats have applied and are eligible to be appointed Precinct Committee Persons at the December 13th Central Committee Meeting:

Precinct #3502 Jeston Black
Precinct #3606 David M. Smith
Precinct #3802 Charles Ainsworth
Precinct #3803 Todd Farris
Precinct #4101 Julane Grant
Precinct #4207 Travis Miller
Precinct #4302 Ellen Flenniken
Precinct #4304 Clareese Shelby
Precinct #4307 Lindsey Capps
Precinct #4311 De Nice Paschal
Precinct #4501 Deborah Harris
Precinct #4501 Karol Otto
Precinct #4503 Matthew Mattera
Precinct #4510 Betty Jones
Precinct #4708 Paul McCoy
Precinct #4709 Tina Semko
Precinct #5003 Betty Jo Austin

-Teddy Keizer, Vice-chair

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Common Good PAC Fundraiser

Start Date: 
December 8, 2012 - 4:00pm - 6:00pm

Saturday, December 8, 4:00 PM

Milagro Theater, 525 SE Stark, Portland, Corner of SE 6th & Stark

 Why? To build on the good work to engage all of our Oregon neighbors
and invite them to join the Democratic Party.

With the support of individual donors as well as local county parties (and Multnomah Democrats were among the first!), Common Good PAC was able to produce 2 radio spots and place ads on 3 different Hispanic radio stations, KRYP-El Rey, KWIP - LA Compeona, and KSND - Recuerdo. The spots ran from October 22 through November 4th and reached half to three quarters of the State of Oregon.

Now they're finishing the job and getting in position to grow by raising a little money and having a little fun. Please join them on Saturday.


You can hear the radio spots at  Common Good PAC.


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Volunteer Acknowledgments

These are just some of the Multnomah County Democratic Party volunteers whose tireless efforts over the last year made possible our historic victories on November 6th:

2012 General Election Volunteers

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On November 9, the corporate owners of KPOJ - Clear Channel - changed formats from progressive talk to sports. This was done without warning and without explanation.

KPOJ was the very first Air America outlet, launched the national radio show of Thom Hartmann, and for years has been one of the brightest stars in the constellation of progressive talk stations in America. It has remained strongly profitable with a dedicated listener base and dedicated advertising sponsors. And KPOJ's Morning Show - first with Thom Hartmann and then with Carl Wolfson - has been a source of critical commentary and news in Portland.

Please sign this petition to save KPOJ.


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