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Multnomah County Democrats: UNTIL the world is won

Multnomah County Democrats: UNTIL the world is won published on

We must persist pressuring our electeds day in and day out UNTIL every vote is protected, UNTIL every person is respected, UNTIL every person has health care, UNTIL every child is lifted up in love, UNTIL every job provides a living wage, UNTIL every person in poverty has basic subsistence, UNTIL we lift up our Native people, UNTIL every black man and woman can live in safety, UNTIL every war has ceased, UNTIL every wall is torn down, EVEN if we have a narcissistic egomaniac in the white house, we have to persist, there is power when we stand together.


Join us in our actions text EZActions to 797979 and let us not rest until the world is won.

March For Science Saturday April 14

March For Science Saturday April 14 published on

March For Science 10:00-3:00 Pioneer CourtHouse (Meet Ege Calay and Brian Harvey at 10:00, they will be carrying the Multnomah County Democrats Banner!) meet right behind Starbucks @ Pioneer Courthouse, rsvp here:

Last year, thousands of Portlanders joined over one million people around the world in the largest event for science advocacy in history. In 2018, we unite again to tell our elected officials and representatives that we will not allow them to weaken our institutions and block science from informing our policies!

Bring your family, friends and colleagues out to celebrate and march for science. All ages and abilities are welcome, especially if you believe in science, are an advocate for science, and support policy making informed by science!

Rally – 10am-11am – Speeches from Portland scientists and science enthusiasts will kick off the day
March – 11am-noon – Designed to be accessible for all abilities, the march will start and stop at Pioneer Courthouse Square
Expo & Kids Zone – 10am-3pm – Activities, local science organizations, and the popular Kids Zone will be back this year
Science Talks and Performances – 12:30pm- 3pm – short lectures about scientific inquiry and advocacy and a science circus for kids!

Follow here for important news and the latest updates on the march’s day-of events!

Get the Big $ out of our politics Thursday Feb 8th Lobby Day

Get the Big $ out of our politics Thursday Feb 8th Lobby Day published on

HB 4076: Tired of big money having the biggest influence in elections? This bill will limit campaign contributions.
Please call your electeds: or consider going to salem for lobby days. More information here:

Health Care is a Human Right Lobby Day Wednesday Feb 7th

Health Care is a Human Right Lobby Day Wednesday Feb 7th published on

Health Care is a Human Right, change the wording of Oregon Constitution.
Important: Do not talk about single payer healthcare. Senator Greenlick and HCAO have come up with a well thought out plan.

Phase One 2018- We establish that healthcare is a human right in our state constitution. Once that is accomplished, we will have to figure out a mechanism to deliver healthcare to all Oregonians.

Again, do not talk about the method of delivery, just that healthcare is a fundamental, human right.
Please call your electeds: or consider going to salem for lobby days.

More information here:


FB event:

National Popular Vote Short Session Lobby Day Tuesday Feb 6th

National Popular Vote Short Session Lobby Day Tuesday Feb 6th published on

The National Popular Vote bill would guarantee the Presidency to the candidate who receives the most popular votes in all 50 states and the District of Columbia.

The Oregon Senate Rules Committee is holding a hearing on Tuesday February 6, so please email your Oregon legislators asking them to support the version of the National Popular Vote bill (HB 2927) that has passed the Oregon House of Representatives four times — and to oppose the referral version of the bill (SB 1512). More Information

Short Session Call in or drive in to Salem

Short Session Call in or drive in to Salem published on

Say no to Trump Tax Scam
SB 1527, SB 1529 – If these two bills pass they will STOP permanent revenue reduction for the state of Oregon. Wealthy business owners will invest in Oregon rather than crippling our economy.

How can you help?

  1. Submit testimony to
  2. Call your legislators this week
  3. Consider going to Salem for lobby days. More information here.

Dr. Martin Luther King and Measure 101

Dr. Martin Luther King and Measure 101 published on


“Of all the forms of inequality, injustice in health care is the most shocking and inhumane.” Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Chicago, March 25, 1966

Measure 101 addresses health care funding through authorizing “provider fees”. It is a system that is effective in 49 other states, and a system which providers themselves support. The passage of Measure 101 will ensure 400,000 Oregon kids can still see a doctor, will maintain services for seniors, and will help stabilize premiums for all Oregonians.

But it won’t pass without your help as an active Multnomah County Democrat.

This really DOES depend on you.

*Please sign up NOW, so we can have an amazing all-out effort in the last weekend before Election Day.

January’s primary focus is passing Measure 101

January’s primary focus is passing Measure 101 published on

With the largest population in the state, Measure 101 will win or lose based on how effective Multnomah County is at getting out the vote in support of this measure.
Passing Measure 101 is only possible with your support and energy.
Let’s start 2018 with a win!

Sign up!

Sock Drive

Sock Drive published on

Did you know?
Socks are the LEAST donated item of clothing.
Lack of access to clean, dry socks is associated with multiple health problems.
This season over 4,000 members of Multnomah County are houseless. This small act of kindness can make their lives a little more bearable during the colder months of the year.

From now until December 14th, our goal is to collect 600 pairs of clean, new socks to distribute to the homeless. You can help us reach that goal by dropping off your donation of new socks at the Multnomah Democrats office (3551 NE Sandy Blvd. Portland Oregon) during regular office hours on Tuesday or Wednesday. Please call ahead at to ensure a staff member of volunteer is there to accept your donation. (503) 248-0826

You can also bring you generous donation to our next Central Committee Meeting on December 14th at the Hollywood Senior Center at 1820 NE 40th Avenue in Portland, Oregon. The meeting begins at 6 PM.
Multnomah Democrats are committed to bringing attention, compassion and support to our houseless neighbors, both now and in the future. The Sock Drive will run November 9th 2017 to December 14th 2017.
Thank you for your support!

Introducing Ami’s Actions!

Introducing Ami’s Actions! published on

We wanted to let you know that we have just launched an exiting new program called Ami’s Actions. Ami’s Actions will mobilize our volunteers to actions that will protect our neighbors and influence elected decision makers to better reflect our values.

But we need you to make it work.

Once you sign up, you will receive text messages from Ami’s Actions, no more than two or three a week, calling you to action. The action could be calling an elected official, signing a petition, or showing up to protest an executive order or help our neighbors.

To join, text EZActions (with an S at the end!) to 797979. That’s it! Then, you will get text messages with specific calls to action.

Please note: by signing up for Ami’s Actions, you agree that we can send your phone text messages (SMS). We don’t make any money off these messages; nonetheless, your plan’s regular charges for text messages may apply. You may quit any time by texting STOP to 797979.


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